Sambal Udang Sambal Udang (Prawn Sambal)

Classic Nyonya dish served in Melaka and Penang cafés. Fresh prawns in a spicy sweet tamarind and sambal belacan sauce. With no two recipes alike, this is our family recipe.

 Otak-Otak Otak-Otak

Not found at any restaurant in the UK, spicy fish and spices mixed with the very rare daun kadok (wild pepper betel leaf) and freshly steamed in banana leaf.

 Octopus Suanyong Chor Suan Yong Chor

Named after the local Hokkien dialect for a spicy vinegar chilli sauce mixed with spring onion and ginger.

 Panggang Hu with Lum Chut Panggang Hu with Lum Chut

Fresh fish, usually mackerel, marinated and barbecued in banana leaf. Served with spicy Lum Chut sauce of chilli, garlic, belacan and lime.